Garage Floor Coatings AdvantagesGarage floor coatings advantages are plentiful. Garage floor coatings have several key benefits and today we’ll give you the scoop. NWA Garage Floors is a customer-driven company. As a result, we install several different types of garage floor coatings to meet the needs of our customers.

We believe the benefits of garage floor coatings make epoxy flake floors in garages the clear choice. Keep reading to find out why.

While one customer in Bentonville believes a polished concrete floor is the best option, another in Rogers will look at the garage floor coatings advantages and decide that’s the floor for them.

Believe it or not, we’ve had customers call on the phone and ask for the cheapest flooring option available. Why? Because it will never be seen by their customers and they aren’t looking for anything “fancy“. Different decor, different floor, different circumstances.

Today we’re going to discuss garage floor coatings advantages and benefits and hopefully, give you some insight. As always, feel free to call us at (479) 372-5000 if you would like to schedule a free estimate.

Garage Floor Coatings Advantages

  • Seamless Garage Floor Coatings – When NWA Garage Floors installs a garage floor coating, one of the compliments we receive most is that it’s seamless. It’s important to certain customers that a garage floor coating is poured all at one time. We didn’t realize there was any other way.
  • No Hot Tire Pickup – Hot tire pickup is something you will never have to worry about with an NWA Garage Floors coating. We use a commercial grade product on a properly prepared surface.
  • Garage Floor Coating Colors – One of the biggest garage floor coatings advantages is the large selection of available colors. We have over 150 solid colors that can make up an unlimited number of color combinations.
  • Garage Floor Coating Designs – The only limitations to the design is the limitations we set. From squares and circles to borders and logos. We’ve seen it all because we’ve done it all. If you would like a garage floor coating that’s as unique as you are, don’t hesitate to give our design specialists a call. It’s what we do best!
  • Hidden Imperfections – With our polished concrete garage floors, we can fix just about any hole, crack or broken concrete. The issue with that is, you’re still going to see it once the floor is finished. By applying a garage floor coating, it covers every single imperfection in the floor. In 95% of the garage floors we’ve completed in our 25 years, they have never resurfaced. This is what we consider to be the greatest garage floor coatings advantage.
  • Chemical Resistance – Accidentally spill something on the floor? Chemical? Oil? There’s nothing to worry about with a garage floor coating. Spilling the same thing on a polished concrete floor might cause a mess if it isn’t cleaned up in a timely manner. One of the biggest garage floor coating advantages.

The benefits and advantages of a garage floor coating could go on and on. If you believe an epoxy flake floor would be right for your garage floor, be sure to give us a call or fill out our online form.

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