Popular Garage Floor Flake ColorsThe most popular garage floor flake colors in Northwest Arkansas range from modern grays to blues and reds. We don’t have a favorite color when it comes down to it. The reason is simple. Every garage floor we apply an epoxy coating to is different. Different color paint, different color decor, etc.

We’ve had customers in Bentonville who went with black and white and customers in Bella Vista that decided to go with a dark green. They both looked beautiful.

There are even different style floors. As a result, the color debate gets intense. Take our tiled epoxy flake floors. They can transform a garage floor into something sophisticated or make it appear like college game day every day.

You may not be surprised to know that the most popular garage floor flake colors are pretty basic. Every once in a while, we get someone who wants a pretty wild color, but for the most part, the most popular garage floor flake colors are straightforward.

Take a look at our Garage Floor Flakes Color Chart and see which color matches your existing decor. Who knows, you may find a color that makes you want to paint your walls again!

Our top 5 most popular garage floor flake colors are listed below. Let us know if we can help in any way. We have a dedicated team of design experts ready and willing to help.

Popular Garage Floor Flake Colors

If you need help choosing a color, we are here to help. Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members and request your 100% free consultation.

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