Pricing for Epoxy Flake Garage FloorsPricing for Epoxy Flake Garage Floors is based on several factors, including square footage. No matter if it’s a garage floor, an airport hangar, a commercial warehouse or a commercial kitchen area, pricing for epoxy flake garage floors is going to be based on several factors.

As you can see in the picture to the left, this is what we call “Epoxy Flake Floor Tiles“. It has a few extra steps involved in creating the lines. As a result, its price is a little higher.

Northwest Arkansas, unlike other parts of Arkansas, has some pretty hard concrete. While most companies will try and avoid grinding or shot blasting, an epoxy flake garage floor cannot be properly installed without this very important step.

Grinding and shot blasting the concrete prior to installing an epoxy flake garage floor is always included in pricing from NWA Garage Floors.

When bidding an epoxy flake garage floor, NWA Garage Floors looks at several things in each garage. Combined with the options you may choose, the price is easily reached. Below is a list of things NWA Garage Floors looks for when giving an estimate for one of our epoxy flake garage floors.

Pricing for Epoxy Flake Garage Floors: Factors

  • Are there holes or cracks that will need to be repaired.
  • Are there existing Expansion/Control Joints.
  • The condition of the existing floor. Is it soft? Hard?
  • Is there an existing material on the floor that needs to be removed?
  • Is moisture going to be an issue?
  • Color Choice

These are just a few of the things to be considered when pricing for epoxy flake garage floors.

A typical, 1-car garage could be priced anywhere from $4.00 – $7 per square foot depending on the factors mentioned above. A typical garage floor with a popular color and no obvious issues could be on the low side.

When choosing a color, it is also important to know that, while we can get any color you can think of, choosing one of our most popular colors will save you at least $300 on your flooring project. We keep the most popular colors in stock at all times.

If a customer opted to have designs placed in their epoxy flake garage floor, the price could be as high as $15 per square foot in rare situations. Several squares all with different colors could fall within this category.

There is also something to be said for garages that have unusually high square footage. The larger the epoxy flake garage floor, the lower the price. This is a pretty standard practice no matter what type of floor you’re having installed.

You could opt to do it yourself and save some money. However, having a far less superior product will almost certainly ensure that your epoxy flake garage floor will fail in the short-term.

Our professional epoxy flake floor installers have years of experience making sure quality is never compromised.

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